A brief history

Dandeli city is  located in UttaraKannda District . It is very famous for wild sanctuary, Paper Mill, Sintheri Rock and Forest resorts.Kali river is the main water source. 

   Dandeli has got a curious history behind its name. Once upon a time there was a person named Dandelappa, who was working as servant  in a Mirashi land Lord's  house. One fine day Mirashi's family lady  proposed Dandelappa . But as he was very innocent and obedient to his lord he rejected her proposal. She grew wild. She went to her brothers and lied that Dandelappa behaved very rudely with her. They got anger and decided to finish him. One sad day her brothers went to Dandelappa and with fine edged sword they cut his head. Dandelappa's head and body part went and placed in different places. At present there are two temples at two different places to memorise his existance. As his name was Dandelappa, people named that place as "Dandeli".      

What to see

Kali River  

    The Kali River dominates Dandeli, be it from  its banks or from a top a mountain.  The magical pull that it exerts over each visitor here is to be seen to be believed.  Feel the tingling of adventure in your blood as you toss swiftly over the bubbling waters in native saucer-shaped coracles made of bamboo and tanned buffalo hide.  This is just the right time for bird watching.  Weaverbirds meticulously working at their nests, pied kingfishers and egrets on the river bank, cormorants gliding just above the river. The Kali River abounds in bird lift.  Feel your heart skip a beat as you hear a loud splash ahead of you. Only for a fraction of a second can you discern a crocodile and all that you get to see is only its tail.  The art of camouflage comes naturally for a crocodile.   However as you pass by numerous islets dotting the river, you will inevitably find a number of crocodiles basking under the sun. 

The White-water rafting-Dandeli is very pleasant and inviting from October to about beginning March. White-water rafting season starts from November and goes on till June. The monsoon season starts from June till September and the forests are at their greenest best then. April-June are the driest months and the temperatures can touch 40�C.


Wildlife Sanctuary


Both Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and its adjacent Anshi National Park house huge tracts of moist- deciduous forest. Although a know habitat of the rare black panther, the large size of the forest makes spotting them very difficult. Yet, many of our guests have spotted it and other wild animals such as spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, sloth bear, gaur (Indian bison), wild boars, fox, jackal, pangolin and elephants. Our guests have also had frequent sighting of the great pied hornbill, yellow footed pigeon, crested serpent eagle, adjutant stork, black crested baza and peafowl's.

The forests of Dandeli and Anshi are home to over 200 species of birds. From the Camp, one can sight Malabar hornbills nesting across the river. Ashy swallow shirkes, drongos, minivets, iora, brahminy kites, and many others birds can be spotted from the camp.


 Kavala Caves

    Situated at a distance of 25 kms of from the base camp at Dandeli, the ancient Kavala caves is a must see’  destination for all visitors who come to Dandeli. Trek up a thousand steps thousand steps though dense virgin evergreen forests to reach the caves. Said to be inhabited by humans since prehistoric times, these limestone caves are today revered as the abode of Lord Shiva-the Hindu god of Destrucation. Crawl into the depths of the earth through the narrow, winding tunnels, and you will come face to face with an awe- inspiring display of the earth through the narrow, winding tunnels, and you will come face to face with awe-inspring display of the nature’s marvel  - a gigantic “Shivlinga”  formed naturally. It is said that these tunnels go on   for miles below, and there are many which no man has ever ventured into. As you trek back  from the caves, enjoy a breathtaking  view of the river Kali winding through the valley below.


 Syntheri Rock

Syntheri  Rock is a 300ft tall monolithic granite located deep inside the thick Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. With the Kaneri River gushing ferociously by its side, the Syntheri Rock is a spectacular Sight. One can actually see the effect of erosion that has resulted in hollows on this rock. Thousands Of pigeons have made this rock their home in the innumerable nooks and crannies, and one can also See the hives of rock bees hanging precariously from the Kali Wilderness Camp. A jeep ride for about an hour followed by a walk through the scenic jungle will bring you to this incredibly beautiful sculpture of nature.



If the outdoors are what excite you, then Molangi is the place to be! A spot indelible beauty, Molangi has god”s signature written all over it .it situated at a point amidst dense bamboo thickets Where the river kali passes between steep slopes and rock formations, Molangi makes a perfect hideout for campers. Spend and entire day backpacking across dense jungles watching spiders sping their  webs and saddle fungus on tree barks .you can see wildlife too….spotted  deer the malbar giant squirrel , and if you are lucky ,may be even a black panther Retreat to a camp under the skies as you pitch your tents on river bank . Try a quick hand at finishing before days make way for night. Start a flint-lit fire for the barbecue and set the scope to simmer. As dusk falls setting the sky ablaze with start, listen to sound of darkness. Exchange tales of yore of ghosts and man- eating tigers, late into the night by campfire.


Sykes point

 It is one of the most beautiful spot in Karnataka. From here one can get an unhindered view of Kali River flowing through the valley below. For miles together, one can see nothing but undulating lush green forest all around. Observe the giant   colorful hornbills gliding effortlessly through the sky down the vale. From atop Siroly peak- the highest point the entire Uttarkannada district, view the magnificent unbroken vista of mighty rain-forest. An ideal picnic spot, this reached traveling by jeep to summit – or by trekking. 

   Yet another ideal location is the Nagajari valley around which are densely forested mountains and stream s running as the eye can see.


Ulavi Channa Basaveshwar Temple

      It is near about  50 Km from  Dandeli City. It is very famous for the Vachanachaluvali of 12th century

Supa Dam

It is near about 25 Km from  Dandeli City. This Dam used to produce Electrical power under KPC

How to Reach      

By Train
From Bangalore or Bombay, alight at Londa or Dharwad/ Hubli Railway Station and then proceed by road. A one-and-a-half hours journey will bring you to Dandeli.
By Road
Dandeli is well connected to Bangalore, Bombay, Goa, Belgaum, Karwar & Dharwad/Hubli by road. Several luxury buses ply to Dandeli everyday. There are direct overnight buses from Bangalore to Dandeli. The luxury buses plying between Mumbai and Mangalore / Bangalore, invariably pass through Dharwad. You can get down at Dharwad and take a taxi / bus to Dandeli.
By Air
Goa is about 2 ½ hrs from Dandeli and is well-connected by air. Air Deccan has recently started flights to Hubli, from where Dandeli is about 1 ½ hrs drive.

Dandeli is far away just by




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